Academic Presentations and Invited Talks

·         “Disability and Romantic Medicine: The Case of the Pneumatic Institute.” VariAbilit(ies): The History and Representation of the Body in its Diversity, June 2017.

·         “Disabling Vaccination: Autism and the Specter of Rehabilitative Futurism.” Disability as Spectacle, University of California, Los Angeles. April 2017.

·         “Historicizing Anti-Vaccination: Propaganda, Poetry, and Pathography.” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, March 2017.

·         “Bioinsecurity and the Victorian Anti-Vaccination Movement.” Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies: “Odd Bodies.” March 2017.

·         “Bioinsecurity and Romantic Immunity.” Eighteenth-Century Science(s). Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. February 2017.

·         “Gas Exchanges: Permeability, Self-Experimentation, and Immunity.” The Coleridge Summer Conference, August 2016.

·         “Beyond Hagiography: Portraiture Across the History of Medicine.” Arts and the Health Humanities: Intersections, Inquiry, Innovations. Panel co-organizer with Lance Wahlert (UPenn). April 2016.

·         “Prophylactic ‘Memoirs of the Plague’: Defoe Before Immunity.” Roundtable: Disability Narratives – Disability Studies Caucus. American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, March 2016.

·         “Transfusing Immunity: Dracula and the Case of Vampirism.” Immunity/Community. SUNY Stony Brook Cultural Analysis and Theory Department Graduate Conference. November 2015.

·         “Transfusing Immunity: Dracula and the Case of Vampirism.” Graduate Student Workshop. Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of Medicine. Materiality Medica. October 2015.

·         “Curvature: A Queer Phenomenology of Scoliosis.” getting it-right/s. Society for Disability Studies Conference, June 2015.

·         “Becoming a Toxic Race: Quotidian Porosities and Trans-Corporeality in Susanne Antonetta’s The Body Toxic, An Environmental Memoir.” Undoing Health: States of Body and Mind. Indiana University Department of English International Graduate Conference, March 2014.

·         “Transcorporeality and Toxicity.” Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies 40th Anniversary Conference, Lightning Round Talks: Graduate Student Research. University of Pennsylvania, February 2014.

·         “The Monk: Exposing the Body at its Limits.” Monstrous Spaces in Pedagogy and Literature, St. John’s University Graduate Conference, March 2013.

Readings and Public Presentations

  • Tuesday Night Project, Tuesday Night Cafe: Open Mic. October 4, 2011.
  • Asian Arts Initiative, Family Style Open Mic. October 18, 2013.
  • "Ancient Japanese Art Comes Alive," Atlanta Taiko Project Interview with Eric Durban for WABE Atlanta Sounds. January 5, 2015.